Electromagnetic Handle CPREG-1 400 mm Natural Anodizing


Electromagnetic handle CPREG-1 400 mm 600lbs 12-24V DC + contact Natural Anodizing

CPREG-1/400mm is a door handle incorporating a stainless steel electromagnetic lock with 600lb holding force. It comes in 2 pieces, one with the lock and wires already fitted and the other with armature plate installed. All screw holes have been pre-drilled for ease of installation.

Installed vertically at mid-section of the door, the design of this product ensures perfect alignment and prevents tampering. This is because the wires, screws and armature plate are all hidden by metal covers and end caps. CPREG-1/400 is compatible with any alarm and access control systems. This handle can be installed only on aluminium and wooden doors.