Fund Raising Event

26 Jun 2015

Sewosy Malaysia sponsored and organized a karaoke singing competition with the objective of collecting donotaions to help 2 organisations and a very sick child suffering from acute leukemia. This event was held on 26th June 2015 and attended by about 500 people at a prestigeous restaurant in Melaka.


About 500 people attended the event organized by Sewosy Malaysia

Apart from raising the awareness, Sewosy Malaysia had the opportunity to indirectly promote its name and products to the public during this event. 


Williem Lim, Sewosy Malaysia codirector, presenting the case of sick 3 years old girl

A total of RM16,090.00 was collected and as such, Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Centre Melaka and Seu Teck Sean Tong Foundation each received RM 3,840 and the little girl received RM 8,410.00. This event was featured in 3 newspapers. 


Sewosy Malaysia presenting the cheque during the charity karaoke

On the right, Alice Low and Williem Lim, codirectors of Sewosy Malaysia
The management of Sewosy Malaysia would like to thank the public for their contribution and participation to make this event a successful one. 
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